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Live Intentionally Everyday.  Life can get very busy, sometimes too busy, so make a plan and stick to it.Let go of others responsibilities and most importantly let go of the guilt others may bring into your life. Practice mindfulness everyday to relax and bring intention to everything you do.

#mentalhealthhour, stress relief


Seek To Live Boldly and Courageously It takes courage to live our lives with honesty, integrity and in a way that we want to without the influence of others. So try to live a life true to your beliefs and as close to you souls purpose as possible you will find that your life gets easier that… Read More #FridayFeeling

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Everyday When You Wake Up Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life. When we feel the world is against us we can easily slip into to thinking that everyday, no matter what we do, won’t change anything in our lives. But if we can take a step back for a moment to… Read More #TuesdayMotivation