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Getting to know your values and bring it back to centre.

values-sheetI found this great printable on http://www.plantlovegrow.com/vision–self-knowledge.html that helps you explore your values. Why should I do that you ask?  Well, sometimes we need to go back to basics and discover who we really are. We need to get to our core values to see are we being really true to ourselves or have we lost our way.

This is by no means a religious exercise, but if you have been feeling off lately or a lot off kilter lately, then I think you’ll find that you are no longer being your true self. How far you’ve let that happen will depend on how you have been feeling lately. I’m not just talking about everyday stress in our lives. I’m talking about feeling like you just don’t know yourself or what you’re doing with your life anymore.

When you feel like this firstly you have to talk to someone you can trust and/or your doctor to rule out any medical conditions and addictions. Then you need to look at your values system see how off center you have become. You need to start questioning every aspect of your life if you need to. This value pdf is only the starting point, I would then start keeping a journal about how I feel about my life. Don’t forget to finish your journal page with three things you’re grateful for. You never know how much this will improve your outlook on life until you try it. If you need any further help with this please speak to a therapist, talking things through before making any life-altering decisions will help you to gain clarity.

Always remember to seek you doctor’s help if you or a loved one need medical advice first. This is my opinion and shouldn’t be treated as an alternative to a professional consultation.


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