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Be Honest Even If Only With Yourself #WednesdayWisdom

We can take this quote from many angles.
Be Honest Even If Only With Yourself
We can look at it from the point of view of setting goals or themes for this year and decide what we in life may not be what someone else does and that’s okay. Be honest about what you want in your life and remember you don’t have to please anyone but you. This is your life and it’s up to you how you want to live it, not everyone will like what you do, so what. You have to ask yourself are these the people who will be there for you in a crisis? I’d say not. So why not leave their opinions with them.
We can also take this quote to mean: Is there something I’ve been doing that no longer serves my good? Be honest with yourself here. Is there something/someone that you know is long overdue to be let go of? It’s time for you now to consider letting this go. Note I said consider here, you may not be ready to let this go yet, but even acknowledging that this does need to change will make a big difference and in time you will let it go. If you have struggled with something you know you need to let go of, maybe being honest enough to say I need help and reaching out and asking for that help is a step forward now.