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Why I decided to become a psychologist.

volunteeringMany years ago my son was diagnosed with dyslexia. At the time I didn’t know what dyslexia was or how I could help my son. I turned to teachers and psychologists and well was left feeling like I had been thrown into the deep end of a swimming pool and couldn’t swim.

I realized that one, the teachers didn’t know enough to help my son and two, that the powers to be in the education system in Ireland wouldn’t be helping much anytime soon. Three, I also realized that there weren’t many psychologists in Ireland at the time.

I felt, as any mother would, I needed to do something about this. So I found the Dyslexia Association of Ireland (DAI) and contacted them. They told me how I could not only help my son but also others in the county I then lived in as well.

I advertised an open meeting through and with the local support of the principal in my son’s school. Many people turned up that night. The DAI came to speak and it was well-received. I asked people at that meeting to help open a branch of DAI locally and a workshop where kids could come after school to have extra tuition to help them. So began a year’s long road of fundraising, offering teacher training and parent training through the DAI, but finally, we open our doors for children in the locality.

During this time I also started my own road to becoming a psychologist. I went to university part-time, raised five kids, ran the branch and workshop locally of the DAI and volunteered to help out with numerous charities – helping families, kids, and adults in developing themselves – along the way. I also volunteered with the schools my children attended.

Easy, well no, busy yes, as it turned out all my children have dyslexia in some form or other. I lived out of my car most days when my children were younger but it became better as they grew up.They’re all adults now, of whom I couldn’t be more proud. When I look back over the last few decades I can see that I’ve always helped others I started volunteering when I was sixteen. I’ve all ways felt that I was blessed to be able to do so and I’ve also gotten more out of it than I gave.

If you or anyone you know has dyslexia please contact  or Telephone:  01 877 6001 for help and support.

I am also available for help and advice, you can email me at or call me at +353 0894373641


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