Looking after ourselves isn't an option. We have to do it! Some days it's harder to remember to put you own oxygen mask on first before you help others. But you must do it. So please remember self-care & self love are not selfish but something we must do to enjoy our lives, our health … Continue reading #WellbeingWednesday


Journaling is one of the best ways I know to get a great night's sleep. How does it work? Well by getting all your thoughts, emotions, todo lists down in a journal you're giving your brain the idea it's okay to take a rest. After all for most of us our brain is constantly trying … Continue reading #WednesdayWisdom


Be proud of who you are and what you have overcome. Being able to pat ourselves on the back is something most of us find hard to do. But we should. Why I hear you say? Well it raises your self-esteem for one & why not I say to you? If this were a friend, the … Continue reading #MotivationMonday

Self Soothing Using the Senses Part 4 Taste

We can tend to centre family life around celebrations that involve food. Some of our best and worst memories can be linked to those celebrations. We can at times also turn to food for comfort. If that is the case you may want to skip this week’s suggestions but you could also adopt some new … Continue reading Self Soothing Using the Senses Part 4 Taste


Live Your Life in the Present Moment. Living life in the present moment is all we can do. Worrying about the past or future just gets our stress and blood pressure levels up. Take 5 minutes each day to centre yourself. Just focus on your breath as it enters and leaves your body. Notice the cold … Continue reading #WednesdayWisdom


Being yourself is one of the best ways to feel serenity in your life #Quote

Self soothing using the senses Part 3 Smell

Continuing on with our series of blogs on self-care and self-soothing in a healthy manner, we find ourselves taking on the sense of smell this week. Smell can be one of the most provocative of senses. Sometimes they can even triggering good or bad memories years later. So this week why not evoke some good … Continue reading Self soothing using the senses Part 3 Smell

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Thought for Thursday

With Thanksgiving coming up in America soon,I thought it would be a good week to approach  the subject of gratitude. We sometimes forget to be grateful for the things in life when all around us is going well, never mind when things are not. But we should stop and practice gratitude at the end of … Continue reading Thought for Thursday