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“A river cuts through rock not because of its power but because of its persistence.” James N Watkins A river is very persistent when it wants to go someway that is blocked off from it. In life we too can become persistent with something we perceive as something we must  have. If we stop and… Read More #TuesdayMotivation

Mental Health

If your partner cheated would you stay? A great piece by TinzRant #relationships

Cheating is one of the most common reasons for relationship breakups. It goes without saying that being cheated on hurts especially when you love and have invested so much in your partner. I was once cheated on, and writing this blog reminded me of how much it messed with my emotions. Although my ego would […]… Read More If your partner cheated would you stay? A great piece by TinzRant #relationships

Mental Health


Nurture Your Mind With Positive Thoughts When we fill our mind with positive thoughts we can bring light to the darkness. Light is the only thing that can diminish the darkness within our minds and lives.

Mental Health


Let Go Of Who You Might Be, Think About Who You Are. Being true to ourselves right now is important to our mental health When we embrace who we are fully we open ourselves up to more possibilities to who we will become in the future. When we constantly compare ourselves to others and wish to… Read More #SundayMorning


One young woman’s post on panic attacks #panicattacks #mentalhealthmatters

Here is the latest installment in my series on eating disorders. If you haven’t read the others, here’s what’s up: A passionate girl named Gabriela approached me and asked me if she could share her story. She is a great advocate for those with mental illness, particularly girls with eating disorders. She is currently in… Read More One young woman’s post on panic attacks #panicattacks #mentalhealthmatters

Mental Health


Don’t Try To Please Everyone. It Only Leads to Failure.  When we try to please everyone else we lose ourselves. We forget to look after ourselves and that will only lead us down a path towards unhappiness, stress and tiredness. Think about putting your own needs first then help those that really deserve it.

Mental Health


Thank You To All Those Who Lied To Me, Betrayed Me, Hurt Me & Broke My Heart. You Forced Me To Change & Gave Me The Motivation, Belief & Love For Myself I Needed To Be A Stronger Person.