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Staying Right Where You Are Will Never Get You Anywhere.

Staying Right Where You Are Will Never Get You Anywhere.

We can look at this in two ways. Firstly we are procrastinating for too long or secondly we really don’t know what we want to do. In order to tackle the first one we have to look at fear as a possible factor. Are we afraid to make a decision because we are afraid to get it wrong? What if I was to tell you there is no right answer to how you live your life. It’s your life anyway, so how you live it is up to you. Yes you may make a mistake but maybe that’s for the best. But maybe you’ll be happier and healthier for making that decision. Yes we have to take into account our children and our partner. But at the end of the day it’s okay to make a decision that could lead to a mistake. If on the other hand you don’t know what you want to do, then perhaps instead of looking for the one thing to do, you look at all the things you know you don’t want to do. That will eliminate a whole load of things from your “to do” list. It will bring you closer to what you really want to do. Why not also try things out, you can have fun along the way too.

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