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Providing Service To Others Is My Passion.

I feel very passionate about helping others, I have volunteered with many charities since I was 16 years old working with children and adults of all ages. During that time I have also become a mother and raised 5 adult children and become a grandmother to two wonderful boys.

Why I want to help you.

My second eldest child was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age 7. He was quickly followed by all his siblings being diagnosed. I felt like someone had dropped me in the deep end of a swimming pool and I couldn’t swim. I didn’t know who to turn to or where to get help. I realised then that the education services in Ireland were not equipped to handle his needs fully. I decided two things: first I needed to provide services to train teachers, parents and for children locally and secondly I needed to educate myself. I decided that I would become a psychologist and in that role I have helped many families since 2002 help their children grow to their full potential. Hidden disabilities are often overlooked within society as they can’t be seen. Families need help and support on so many different levels, no child comes with a self-help manual, if they did I for one would have been delighted. I have met and helped so many parents over the years facing difficulties within their families. Relationships can be put under pressure for so many reasons, the extra financial burden can impact so much for all family members , there is the constant fighting the system for your child’s rights and entitlements , other siblings can feel left out and parents can feel very guilty about so much. The list of things I hear from parents can seem endless and daunting but that’s where I can help you.

What I Do.

Counseling for Individuals, Couples, Parents and Carers.

I work with my clients to help them feel courageous & empowered. To seek solutions to problems & difficulties life has thrown in their path.

Some Of The Services I Offer:
Relationship counselling;
Individual Counselling;
Parent Counselling – in particular parents of disabled children & children with eating disorders
Stress Reduction
Anxiety Management
Mindfulness Training

Contact Me

If you or a loved one would like further help please contact by phone or email for an appointment on:

+353 0894373641 or deborahbyrne48@gmail.com

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