Respect Yourself Enough To Walk Away From Any Situation That Doesn't Help You To Grow Or Make You Happy.

Is Reconciliation Possible After An Affair?

So you've found yourself in the situation where you have either had an affair or you found out that your partner has had an affair what do you do next? Well that will be entirely up to you. Sometimes people have used affairs as an exit strategy from a unhappy relationship and decide they have … Continue reading Is Reconciliation Possible After An Affair?


As We Sail Through Life We May Decide To Follow One Star. But We Need To Be Open Minded Enough To Follow Other Stars Too.


Spirituality Grants Us The Means By Which We Can Live Our Lives In A Way Of Being And Giving.


In Order To Find Our Life's Purpose We Must See Failure As Merely A Means Of Realizing Our Purpose.


There Are Two Steps To Take Before Action Is Needed. Firstly Awareness And Secondly Acceptance.


Stop Procrastinating. Take A Small Step To Starting Something. Your Motivation Will Arrive Once You Begin.   


Each Day You Choose Which Step To Take Along The Path That Is Your Life.


Love & Hate Are Opposites. You Get To Choose Which One Will Dictate Your LIfe.


You Don't have To Seek Love Outside Yourself When It's Already Within You.