Always Try To Do Your Best Today, As It Prepares You for Tomorrow.


Everyday Is A Good Day. It May Not Seem Like It At The Time. But It Is.


If You Continue To Look Down You Won't See The Blessings In Your Life. Look up they are right there in front of you. 


What is dissociative identity disorder?    Most people won't recognise the name but some of you will know it by other names such as split personality or multiple personality disorder. Some of you may only know this disorder from films or TV, but others may have lived with someone affected by the disorder. Whatever your … Continue reading #DissociativeIdentityDisorder


You Can Do The Hardest Things. It's when we feel we can't do anything anymore we find it within ourselves to go on, to face our demons and to finish what we have started. We find the resilience we thought we would never find deep within ourselves.


The Stars Shine The Brightest In The Darkest Skies.


Don't Let Other People Bring You Down.


Be Persistent While Others Are Wishing.


Don't Be Afraid To Set Yourself Free.  


Everyday Is A Fresh Start. Don't Be Afraid To Use It!