Your Daily Motivation

Beautiful Equals Confidence In Yourself

Beautiful Equals Confidence In Yourself DBpsychology 4 We think of beauty as what's on the outside but it really isn't. What happens within is more important that is where true beauty lies. Feeling comfortable in our own skin can be one of the hardest things to achieve but it will step our self-confidence levels up beyond anything you can imagine. One simple and empowering way to do this is mirror work. We can look into our own eyes in a mirror and tell yourself "I love you". It sounds so simple but people find it incredibly hard to do.

So for today your challenge, if you wish to accept it, is to look into a mirror and tell yourself how much you love yourself include words like "I am good enough" and "I love you"

If you are unable to this today don't be upset, it is hard to do some never achieve it, but it might be worth exploring the journal question: Why can't I use these words with myself when I can say them to others?


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