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Happiness Can Feel Elusive At Times But Let Go Of Control And You Will Find It.

Happiness Can Feel Elusive At Times But Let Go Of Control And You Will Find It.

The media is full of articles that insist we must be happy all the time. But we don’t, that’s simply not reality. For most people we have up and down days that’s just how life is. If you try to control your life too closely you only end up miserable all the time. You are focusing too much on getting happiness while missing what’s really going on around you. Stop, breathe, let go. It will be alright.

If you decide instead to make note of the things you already have in your life you’ll see that your life is really good. That you have so much to be happy about already. So for the next few minutes release the need to control, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths. Now I want you to acknowledge something you have in your life that’s already bringing you joy and happiness. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Something small to start off with. Just begin to show your gratitude for what you have already in your life.

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