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Be Kind And Kindness Will Find You #FridayFeeling

Be Kind And Kindness Will Find You.

Be Kind And Kindness Will Find You.

It really doesn't take a lot to be kind to someone. Say hello, or a thank you, can be a few words people might like to hear more often and showing someone you acknowledge what they have done for you is a very simple step towards showing them kindness and that you care. We are all so busy rushing around that we fail sometimes to notice that we need to slow down and connect with friends, family and colleagues more. Asking them how are you and stopping to wait for a reply is one way. It's the having time to wait and listen that is what is important. A few minutes of your time could be the best form of kindness we can give to our fellow human beings.

So for today: Are there other ways in which you can show your kindness to someone?


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