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A Single Deed Can Influence A Revolution. #FridayFeeling

A Single Deed Can Influence A RevolutionA Single Deed Can Influence A Revolution.

How much of a revolution do you want to start? A very quiet one inside yourself? Or a much larger one in your life as a whole? Whatever type you need to start, you need to start with yourself. A single deed of kindness towards yourself or another or an act of defiance as we know can and does cause revolutions within us and our wider communities. Revolutions don't have to be bloody battles. They can be small, quiet and still have as much effect, if not more so. So what do you feel needs to happen in your life? A small, quiet deed of action or a much larger one? What form of resistance or action do you need to take to make things happen today to get the change in your life you wish to happen?

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