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It’s Okay Not To Do It Right First Time #ThursdayThoughts

It's Okay Not To Do It Right First Time We don't always have to get it right first time, we don't have to make it perfect before we proceed with whatever it is that needs to be done or produced in life or work.

We are continually being bombarded with images and words that tell us we have to be perfect all the time or we have to be a certain way to be perfect. That is completely untrue and totally against being our authentic self. We are in fact being untrue, disrespectful and hurtful to ourselves when we try this. No one is perfect, anyone who says that perfect is the only way to be is being false. All this does is sell us more products. It's more than okay to just be ourselves and whatever we do is okay as well. It's okay to not do everything perfectly in fact good enough is okay. Do the work and let it stand for itself, as it is, without worrying you have to be perfect.

So for today ask yourself: How can we let go of perfectionism and put ourselves out there into the world?


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