Your Daily Motivation

Put Good Thoughts Out Into The World #SundayMorning

good thoughts

If you’ve been completing your gratitude list for a while you’ll know how much it can help change your brain. You’ll begin to see more positive things appear in your life.

So now it’s time to harness some positive thoughts and put them out into the world. Your brain can’t tell the difference between what is real and what you have imagined so it can easily be changed to reflect a more positive world around you. When you begin your day, start with a positive affirmation and wish everyone you meet during that day the best for their day too. Smile, say hello. If you enter into a conversation, begin to monitor how you speak. Notice the type of words you use to talk about your life, your family, friends and your home. Make sure you speak in a positive way about yourself in particular and these people and possessions. The more positive you can be the better it is for your brain to realise it needs to change how and what you see, listen to and talk about in your life into a more positive response. This, in turn, will raise your self-confidence and ensure you see more positive results in life than negative ones.