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What We Learnt Is Part Of Who We Are. #SaturdayMorning

What We Learnt Is Part Of Who We Are.What We Learnt Is Part Of Who We Are.

What we learnt as children can always be unlearnt with attention and effort. We may have decided that we would never act like them, but are now finding ourselves still living with trauma and PTSD. We can change anything in our lives if we feel it needs changing. But remember it will always part of who we are, in that we learnt how we didn't want to behave, how we would act or react to others, how we wanted to treat others. Being raised in a cruel environment doesn't always lead us to being cruel nor do we have to repeat the past mistakes of others. We can free ourselves with the right interventions on our part. We can take the courage to look for help and support from others and in return support and help others too. Be brave, Be strong, Be courageous! Change how you want to be in this moment and for the future.

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