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Remember If You’re Holding A Grudge  The Other Guy Might Just Be Out Dancing. #SundayMorning

Remember If You're Holding A Grudge The Other Guy Might Just Be Out Dancing.Remember If You're Holding A Grudge  The Other Guy Might Just Be Out Dancing.

This goes back to a question I've asked before: How Important Is It?

Do I really need to hold on to every little thing that has ever happened to me? Can I let some of them go? Why are you holding onto some of the grudges still today many years after the fact? I am not saying that everything needs to be let go of. I am asking you to see if you need to look at why it is still important to you today?

Somethings can never be forgiven, I know that. But if you are still holding onto the pain now you need help. It isn't always easy to ask for help. It takes great courage and strength to do so. Sometimes we get caught up in victim mode, this served a purpose at that time, but now, don't you owe it to yourself to move beyond it. To survive and thrive in your life. To take back ownership of your life today.

If you need help you can call us today for an appointment 089 4373641 We can help you move beyond the pain.



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