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You Will Be Free Once You Realise You Are. #TuesdayMotivation

You Will Be Free Once You Realise You Are.You Will Be Free Once You Realise You Are.

For many reasons, we can feel trapped in our lives and heads, but you are not. You have a choice in everything you do and don't do. Here are a few of the ways psychologists can help you when freedom doesn't feel like an option for you.

Procrastination is a choice, your life goes on even while you decide you can't make a decision. Do you feel you can't make a choice about something in your life? Talking it through with someone helps. Especially with someone who isn't involved. That is where a psychologist comes in. We can help you come to your own decisions in your life in a safe and friendly environment.

When trauma has occurred we often feel like we are still trapped in the event that caused it. Why? We felt scared, unsafe, fearing for our personal safety or that of others. It left us feeling vulnerable and tied to that event. We can let it go, we can feel safe again. But we need help doing so.That is where therapy comes in. We can help you talk through the past in safe environment and give you techniques to help you let go of the past and feel safe again. Don't you think it's worth trying to move on to thriver? You are worth it.

Stress is a big killer. Prevention is, in this case, is better than a cure. We can help you reduce your stress by using stress reduction techniques. You don't have to spend a whole lot of time and money either. Just an hour a week over the course of 6 weeks could prevent a massive health crisis in your life.

Psychologists can help deal with many things in your lives -relationships worries, postnatal depression in both mum and dad, parenting advice to name but a few. It doesn't have to be a crisis that brings you to see us. In fact, crises prevention is better, but no matter what your circumstances we can help. Call us today for an appointment on 089 4373641


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