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What Questions to ask when looking for a Therapist?

10 questions to ask therapistIt’s a big decision when we chose to ask for help, sometimes we are so caught up in just getting help from anyone we fail to ask some important questions of ourselves and the therapist we want to see.

Not all therapists may suit you, so please take a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What am I looking for in a therapist?
  2.  Do I want a male or female therapist? It’s okay to choose based on sex.
  3.  What sort of qualifications do they have?
  4.  Have they been recommended to me by someone I trust?
  5. What type of therapy do they practice? Ask the therapist questions about themselves and their practice when you ring to make an appointment.

6. What do I want to do in counselling?

7. Is it to help me through the grieving period of a loved one? Or come to terms with an illness?  It’s a good idea to have a starting point in your mind if you can before meeting with the therapist.

8. How much do they charge?

9. Do they do reductions? It’s okay to ask. Many of us feel we can’t ask someone to change their prices based on our circumstances but some therapists may do so.

10 questions to ask yourself before getting a therapistWhen you meet your therapist for the first time, reflect back over the session.

10. Did you gel together, can you work together in the future? It’s okay not to like someone even when they are highly qualified or recommended. You have to work with this person, so it’s what you want and think, that is important. It’s okay to shop around and look for a therapist that suits you. It can be hard work going into counselling, so make sure you are comfortable with the therapist you’re working with.

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