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It’s the Weekend. Let Go of the Week. Relax & Enjoy! #FridayFeeling

fridayfeelingIt's the Weekend. Let Go of the Week. Relax & Enjoy!

We need to take time off from our work life. It is essential to our well-being and mental health, otherwise, we will reach burnout. So if this weekend is your time off work -if you are not working, if you are then the next day you are off - take time out. Do something for yourself, ask a friend or relative to mind the kids for an hour even and just go home put your feet up, read a book, watch your favourite movie, take a walk, meditate. If you can't get someone to mind the kids, go outside into nature with them or set up a movie event in your home, relax and enjoy some old Christmas movie or Disney films. It's good to be a kid again so why not try it! I've given you but a few options, there are so many you could try and adapt to your lifestyle.The point being, just take time out and relax.

For more ideas to try, look at my blog posts on self-soothing using the senses. Or sign up for my Christmas newsletter.

If you or a loved one is experiencing difficulties please contact me or your health care provider.


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