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What do you want Christmas to mean for you? #ThursdayThoughts

thursdaythoughtsWhat do you want Christmas to mean for you?

Christmas we're all lead to believe is that magical time of year. And okay for some it may be. But for others, it may not. Social media and TV have lead us all to believe we must be perfect all year long and no more so than at Christmas. For companies, it's their big month to make the sales they all only dream about at any other time of the year. But for everyone else we feel the pressures to buy, buy, buy and put on that "perfect" show for family, friends and neighbours.

So what if for once we just stop and think about it all. We decide what we want from this time of year? What does it really means to us? What do we really want in our lives at Christmas? Do we still strive for that "perfectionism" that is so unobtainable or do we get off the treadmill, relax about it all, take care of what and who really matters most to us and simply let go of everything else. Only you can decide what really happens in your life.



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