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Be The Light In Your Own Life. #MondayMotivation

Be The Light In Your Own Life.Be The Light In Your Own Life.

When we find ourselves feeling down we need to have a plan already in place for such days.  We need to bring a little light into those days. We need a mental health toolbox. These toolboxes are both physical and mental.

For the mental health toolbox, I would include things like mindfulness, exercise, hobbies/interests, journal, compliments received list and affirmations or motivational reading every day. This type of box is something you put one or more things into each day. So that on bad days you already have something in the box to lean on.

Now for the actual physical boxes, these are kept aside for bad days. Each toolbox may be slightly different but they all need to be present before our dark days. Include these boxes the following:

  1. Favourite book/movie/TV show. Must be positive though.
  2. Music on cd or mp3 player etc all again positive or motivational. (I know! Cd right I'm old but you get the idea)
  3. Favourite treats: okay let's face it there's going to be some chocolate for some of you in there.
  4. Pamper kit: yep even for the boys. A candle, bath salts, whatever you like to take some time in a bath just for you.
  5. A list of favourite and positive place you could visit. Even if this is only on your lunch hour.
  6. A list of mantras or affirmations or great inspirational sayings that give you a lift. Written out or printed out.
  7. Pictures of family and friends, special events etc. Make sure you also include some mementoes from holidays or events in here too.
  8. Journal and gratitude list. You can also keep a list of compliments you received. Then on bad days, you re-read these.
  9. Most importantly a list of all your supporters. Their names and phone numbers. People you can call for help and a chat. Positive people only, please.

If you are feeling down or stressed on a daily basis I would urge you to see your GP. If you need Help and Support call us today for an appointment on 0894373641




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