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You May Not Be There Yet! But You’re Closer Than Ever Before. #TuesdayMotivation

You May Not Be There Yet! But You're Closer Than Ever Before.You May Not Be There Yet! But You're Closer Than Ever Before.

When we come out of denial it can be a scary place. We now realise that we must turn the light inwards and examine ourselves, all our fears, shame, guilt etc come to the surface. It's a hard road for a while but well worth it in the end. The easiest way to deal with this is to just go through it. No more skirting around the issues. We must face up to them, acknowledge our part and accept it and apologise for our part in what has happened. We have to hand over responsibilities to the person they belong to. It is selfish of us not to. Then we move on. It seems a long road at first but really it's not. It took a long time for some of us to get there but this road is now shorter than it was before when we were in denial.


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