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Nothing Is Impossible Unless You Think It Is #SaturdayMorning

Nothing Is Impossible Unless You Think It Is

What most people don’t realise is that our minds don’t know what is real or what’s not. You can test this out by watching a really fast-moving action packed movie. We feel ourselves in there with the characters, our adrenal goes up as they race fast cars across the screen or cry alongside them when they do. Most sports people now use something similar to practice before the competition, they practice taking that winning shot over and over again in their minds before the big day.

We can use this same idea to change things in our lives.

Visualisation is a wonderful tool to use when you want to change things in your life. Just sit someplace quiet, think of what it is you want to change or create, put all of the emotion you can into your vision – this is important, remember what I said at the start, we get involved when we watch the movie, it hooks our emotions into it, so we have to do that with our visualisations too.

Another way people do this is to create vision boards, you collect pictures of what you want or need to help you visualise the reality you wish to create. It’s a great motivational tool to use for both your business and personal lives too.