So we have reached that month of presents and giving. I would like you to take time today to stop and reflect on the word forgiveness. Forgiveness is hard, it’s hard to forgive the person who hurt you and it’s harder still to forgive yourself. But in order to find serenity we must do just that. How can I? I hear you ask. How can you not? I’m not asking you to do this willy nilly. I’m asking you to reflect upon it, just take a moment to open your heart and ask yourself if it’s time yet? If it isn’t so be it, but if it is please do it. This is not for anyone but yourself, no one else will gain from your forgiveness greater than you. We sometimes get caught up in the term forgiveness. If we can separate out forgiveness from reconciliation then we may be able to make better progress. Forgiveness only involves you, not the person who hurt you. It involves you trying to let go of what has happened, any role you feel you may  have played in it, letting it all go -but not forgetting it – and accepting it. I understand only too well how hard this is, I struggle just like anyone to forgive but I know from experience that once you reach acceptance you gain so much more than any grudge can give.


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