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Let Go Of Fear. Healing Trauma.

Let Go Of Fear.

Fear does serve a purpose in our lives. It gives us that fight, flight or freeze response. Our response to it is what’s important. It’s ok to fight back, just as it is okay to leave -flight- and it is ok to freeze -it’s happened to the best of us. But what happens when this energy gets trapped in our bodies, it can leave us with memories that lead to us living in fear. It can come out in the form of illness. That is why we have to let go of it, if we are to lead a happier life.

Trauma healing is great at getting us to let go of any residual energy left in our bodies from past experiences. The experiences can be from anything that has occurred in our lives, such as childbirth trauma, sexual assault, a car accident, to name but a few. Animals learn these techniques instinctively and they are very effective at utilising them in the wild. We need to learn them too.

One of the simplest techniques to use is rebalancing or finding our own centre of gravity. Standing we place our feet shoulder width apart and sway from side to side. Then we sway forward and backwards to find our centre point. Kind of like a pendulum. Think of this point as running straight down from the top of your head cutting through you and dropping in a line straight to the floor between your feet. In swaying you are trying to find your centre point or centre of gravity point. You are bringing yourself back to centre.

Other more simple techniques involve remembering and visualizing what has happened to you and taking an opposite approach to what you did during the initial traumatic event. These are easily learnt and very effective in helping you to release that energy trapped within your body. Don’t you owe it to yourself to do so in a more positive way.

We teach healing trauma in our offices. If you would like to learn some easy techniques to help yourself please call to make an appointment 089 4373641

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