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Let People See The Real Imperfectly Perfect You! #WednesdayWisdom

let-people-see-the-real-imperfectly-perfect-youLet People See The Real Imperfectly Perfect You!

If only we could be so courageous in doing this. We are all wearing masks for the different roles we play in life - father, mother, employer, employee, sister, brother, friend, partner etc. We put in place the mask we think people need to see when we're with them. We are afraid of becoming rejected for being ourselves. Very few of us are able to be ourselves in our own lives. That is such a pity on so many levels. But it also goes to show you that you're not alone in what you do. You may think that someone will reject you if they knew the real you - may be they will, there's no guarantee there - but they're just thinking the exact same thing as you.


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