No New Year Resolutions Just Yet! (Self-Care Final Section)

self-care-journal-questionsTo start off the New Year I’ve written up a journal for self-care day challenge.

Many people make New Year resolutions in January but I’m asking you not to. Instead, I’m asking you to get to know you better.

So for the next 32 days, I’d like you to ask yourself the following questions in the hope it will highlight any areas in your life wherein 2017 you’d like to work on, change or see that you have more going for yourself than you thought you had. Take your time answering these questions so you can be honest with yourself.

Alongside this, I’d ask that at the end of each day you’d write at least 3 things you’re also grateful for that day.

Give it a go! I’d be interested to hear how you all get along.

Self-Care Questions

  1. Am I reaching for the best I can be?
  2. What have I always wanted to do but have been too afraid to try?
  3. What do I consider to be my personal strengths?
  4. What would I do in my wildest dreams....?
  5. What pleases and delights you? (Pleasant events and what you’re grateful for?)
  6. How has your life changed for the better in the last three years?
  7. Who are the negative vampires in your life?
  8. What is the most important lesson you have learnt so far?
  9. How have I been able to help others?
  10. What am I most proud of?
  11. Have you ever had a situation or person victimize you? How did you act and what was the outcome?
  12. Was there ever a time when you behaved assertively? How did you act and feel? What was the outcome?
  13. What do you think would mean the most to you at this time in your life?
  14. Are you listening to your inner voice? What is it telling you?
  15. What does it feel like to be truly listened to?
  16. What does listening to someone else really involve?
  17. How often do you find the time to listen to yourself?
  18. What does work-life balance mean to you? Even as a stay at home parent or retired individual, you need to find balance too.
  19. In my life right now who am I being and what is going on for me here? You can apply this to every aspect of your life.
  20. How do I cope with failure? If I do fail what happens –my thought, emotions, and reactions?
  21. How do I cope with success? Do I even give myself credit for all my success even the little ones?
  22. Are there any social pressures that are holding me accountable to behave in a certain way? Have a certain lifestyle?
  23. Have you ever started any goals for yourself? If yes –did you achieve them? If no – why not?
  24. Are there any people/things in your life who you feel you would like not to interact with anymore?
  25. Are you putting up with anything that you feel you shouldn’t have to?
  26. What personal habit/trait would you like to change?
  27. Are there any other areas of your life you are avoiding looking at that you know you would like to change?
  28. Who am I being in my relationships? With everyone in your life, it doesn’t have to be an intimate one.
  29. What am I bringing to all my relationships? Again all my relationships
  30. What does being myself really mean to me?
  31. What areas of my life am I lacking discipline?
  32. What have I learnt about my life after answering all these questions?


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