Building Up New Habits (Self Soothing) Using the Senses Part 6 Other Suggestions

self-soothing-using-the-senses-part-6-other-suggestionsThis is the last post in the self-soothing series. I have one last post I will put out next week in the overall self-care series. It will be a series of questions to ask yourself, when you get some quiet time, over the holidays. It may help you set some new goals for 2017 or build some new habits. Either way, I hope it gives you something to think about.

The things to try below I felt didn’t fit under one sense but used many of them together. The more we engage our senses the greater our self-soothing practice will be. That is why I have encouraged you to take one thing off each list week by week. It also helps to build some good habits. I hope you have enjoyed this series and have taken time out of yourself every day. Rest, relax and be happy in your lives.

  1. Do something new or at least something you haven’t tried before.
  2. Buy something – it doesn’t have to be expensive but it has to be just for you.
  3. Get out of debt or at least get financially honest with yourself.
  4. Journal –always a good way to get rid of all your thoughts, slow down the washing machine effect in your brain and help you sleep.
  5. Remember 3 things you’re grateful for – add this to the end of your journal as a great way to remind yourself how much you do have.
  6. Take up a hobby, again something you have never tried before
  7. Go fishing, golfing etc.
  8. Exercise –go out for a walk; make an appointment with yourself to do this!
  9. Have sex
  10. Think about sex – not only for the boys’, yes we girls think about it too.
  11. Daydream –this isn’t just for kids, even better write them down.
  12. Sit at a sidewalk cafe and just watch everything around you.
  13. Have a day off – no work, no kids, just you and what you want to do.
  14. Plan a holiday –even if it’s far off into the future. It can start to be a dream holiday you plan for.
  15. Reflect on how you have improved in that last week, month, year
  16. Meditate –mindfulness: always so good for you. Check out the following video on YouTube: gives an outline of what mindfulness is.

And if you want to practice, try a 10-minute mindfulness session

  1. Have lunch or coffee with a friend
  2. Play cards or learn a new card game
  3. Do crossword puzzles, Sudoku etc
  4. Shoot pool or snooker
  5. Dress up nicely
  6. Wear makeup
  7. Plan your career or retirement
  8. Collect things
  9. Recycle things, or upcycle them
  10. Relax
  11. Recall good memories
  12. Meet new people
  13. Volunteer
  14. Save money
  15. Plan a day out
  16. Remember the love and good deeds of others
  17. Have a quiet evening in.
  18. Take care of your garden or plants
  19. Doodle like you are a kid!
  20. Play with your children or grandchildren, bring out that inner child again.
  21. Go to a party or have one –ask others to bring a dish to share.
  22. Play a sport or watch some at a match
  23. Have a get together with family/friends
  24. Go camping
  25. Lose weight
  26. Thank someone
  27. Pay a compliment, even to a stranger.
  28. Smile at someone you meet on the street

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