Build Good Habits (Self Soothing) Using the Senses Part 5 Touch

self-soothing-using-the-senses-part-5-touchWell done if you have taken the initiative and incorporated something from all the previous lists into your daily routine. This week we look at the touch. Our skin covers our bodies and is the largest organ we have. It is through our skin we feel and experience some of the nicest emotions we can. It can be very soothing to pet your dog or cat for instance or stroke your child’s hair. This week I would like you to add something from the list below. I would suggest that if you feel uncomfortable with doing anything on the list you leave it for another time when you feel ready rather than push yourself too fast. These self-soothing tasks should be a pleasure and bring you comfort and joy not burden you. So let’s try at least one item on the list below. Enjoy!

  1. Take a bubble bath
  2. Put clean sheets on your bed
  3. Pet your cat/dog
  4. Have a massage, manicure or pedicure
  5. Soak your feet
  6. Rub on body lotion
  7. Put a cold compress on your forehead
  8. Sink into a really comfortable chair
  9. Wear something soft or silky
  10. Hug someone
  11. Notice the sensations of touching something
  12. Do some art or craft
  13. Paint a piece of furniture
  14. Clean
  15. Make jigsaw puzzles
  16. Dance with someone

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