Building Good Habits (Self Soothing) Using the Senses Part 4 Taste

self-soothing-using-the-senses-part-4tasteWe can tend to centre family life around celebrations that involve food. Some of our best and worst memories can be linked to those celebrations. We can at times also turn to food for comfort. If that is the case you may want to skip this week’s suggestions but you could also adopt some new memories. Taking time out to enjoy a piece of food, drink or your favourite meal is okay, it doesn’t have to involve a celebration. But it can be a small celebration just for one, for you. Our sense of taste stimulates so much in our brains; it can be good to raise serotonin levels and make ourselves feel better for a short time. Try to incorporate these ideas along with all the other suggestions so far. Make it a ritual just for yourself or for your friends and family. Make new happier memories.


  1. Have your favourite meal
  2. Drink a soothing hot chocolate or herbal tea
  3. Eat dessert
  4. Put whipped cream on your coffee
  5. Sample flavours of ice cream
  6. Eat peppermint
  7. Buy a special food you normally wouldn’t buy and savour it
  8. Eat mindfully one piece at a time, take time to really savour each mouth full.
  9. Eat gooey foods
  10. Have your favourite comfort foods
  11. Go on a picnic
  12. Stick to your health foods
  13. Chew gum

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